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Living Life Fat

My Not-So COVID-19 Life

Covid-19. This one term fills people with panic…and rightfully so. It’s all over the news and social media. It has affected every person we know in some way, shape or form. Whether it be some one know being sick, our jobs, or just trying to shop in the grocery store. All that being said, I…
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John and Kim Plezia

This Fat Girl At The Doctor

Going to the doctor and being a fat girl is usually not a good combination. When you are overweight, the last thing you want is to talk to someone that is going to point that out to you. But I didn’t have a choice in the matter. In my previous piece, I talked about finding…
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Take A Bye & Get Some Rest

In sports, a bye refers to a period when a team or player would normally compete but for one reason or another does not have to in this case. It is a time to rest, recoup, and reset. It is a time to prepare. In life, we need to do the same thing. We need…
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