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Living Life Fat

6 Years and Counting…

6 years and counting is a letter that I wrote.  6 years ago I said goodbye to one of the most harmful relationships in my life…my relationship to drugs.  I wanted to share this.  I hope that it provides hope or encouragement to anyone that is dealing with or has dealt with addiction. My Letter…
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Mother’s Day Without My Mom

So, as we all know, Mother’s Day is coming up. For me this is always a hard holiday. Why? Because my mother passed away almost 4 years ago. The First Mother’s Day The first year that Mother’s Day came without my mom I think that a little part of me died. I remember spending the…
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Living a Life of Gratitude

Gratitude is defined as “…the state of being grateful…”. I always see the posts on Facebook about what a person is grateful each day. I’ll admit it, I’m even doing a quick daily video about it. It happens every year in November. But, why do we only think about this in November. I know, I…
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