Raising Our Children with a Sense of Self Worth…Part 1 and 2

In this episode of This Fat Girl Life podcast, I am joined by mother and business owner Jackie Lujan. We are discussing the importance of imparting a sense of self worth in young children. Jackie is the mother of 3 young children, so she speaks from the point of view of a mother that wants her children to know who they are. Jackie discussing how important it is for her to impart faith in her children. We also discuss different ways to give your young children a sense of self and purpose.

In Part 2, I am joined by educator and mother Megan Nichols. Megan is not only an elementary school teacher, but she is raising a middle school age child and a young adult. Megan was able to give a different perspective of the topic of self worth in children, because she sees such a wide age range.

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