My Interview with Bob the Drag Queen

In this episode of This Fat Girl Life podcast, I got to spend time with Bob the Drag Queen! Now, this was a total fan girl moment for me. Bob the Drag Queen is the winner of Ru Paul’s Drag Race Season 8. The conversation was amazing, and I can’t wait for you to check it out!

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Welcome to This Fat Girl Life Blog. My name is Kimberly and I am your host. Tonight I am joined by such an amazing guest. The one the only Bob the drag queen. 

Hi, I just realized I still have my mask over my face fix that. I don’t live wild. There we go. How are you? Thank you for having me.

Of course. Thank you for being here. I’m good. How are you?

I’m pretty good. I was I was doing a video today. So I’m very grateful to you for accommodating to my schedule. You’re so wonderful. And I’m taking a little break in between shots to share with you.

Oh, well I’m so glad that you’re here. I I was telling you I’m gonna go like when I got the confirmation that you were doing the show I ugly cried for a hot minute. I was surprised that I’m not ugly crying right now. Like this is a dream come true for me

So this is huge. Where are you? Where are you based at 

I am in Colorado Springs.

Oh, work work. I’m in LA. I’m in Los Angeles right now in Burbank in the hills of in the valley of Los Angeles. Okay.

I’ve never been to California. It’s on my list

Honestly, it’s pretty nice. I moved here in September, after about, you know, eight months of New York City quarantine. And I ended up moving out here for opportunities and we’ll see how it’s going. And what like what’s it like? Oh my god, I haven’t gone out yet because we’re still pretty much on like to actually we’re opening up more and more. I haven’t gone out to eat yet. So my friends are I’m gonna wait I’m gonna wait for like the third wave before I like go out.

We’ve got a little bit of going out to eat my husband’s in the restaurant industry. And they just opened up full capacity

Oh, are you doing a photo shoot over there? 

My husband? Yes. My husband is my personal photographer.

Amazing. camera in the background. My partner takes my photos to this so funny. My, my Instagram my partner Jacob takes like all those photos of me almost every photo on my Instagram. My partner took

Oh, wow. Yes, good. I’ve seen him.

He’s really amazing. I’m very grateful to have him. He went. He went to the new school for photography. Okay, in New York City.

Nice. Very nice. So, now, you’re all over the place I know are in California. You’ve been in New York. You’re from Georgia. Atlanta. 

Yeah, I’m from Atlanta. So I’m from Atlanta. I’ve lived in San Francisco, Los Angeles in New York City or Twin Cities. Alabama, Mississippi. So I just I just love to travel move around. I mean, I live in New York State for 12 years. That’s the longest I’ve ever lived in one city. I’ve never lived in any city longer than New York City.

Okay. So you know you were on drag race. Which I love that

you’re on the alert everyone I was on season eight. I know. I know we’re closing out season 13 and a few in a week but I didn’t want to hasn’t caught up yet.

Not only were you on season eight you won season eight I might add.

Yeah RuPaul drag race season eight top one.

You were amazing. Like I went through and I rewatched as much of it as I could and I was watching like the after show and all that and man I first off the things that you say to so many of the other girls are just amazing. You’re so supportive.

Oh yeah just support the girls like I wonder now. On top of being a drag queen I am a massive fan of drag massive not just drag race I’m a huge drag race fan. But um I just I’m a huge fan out when I meet the girls people who are on drag race and off drag race you know Jackie beat. I don’t know if you know Jackie beat is Jackie beats the legendary drag. We’re based out of Los Angeles, legendary from New York City have a massive Jackie B picture in my living room. I worship at the altar of peppermint. And I worship people like you know, Sherry vine, Bianca Del Rio. And especially, I mean, I love most queens, all queens, but in New York City Queen has my heart will always have

Well, I mean, that’s, that’s where is that where you got your start? 

I mean, that’s, that’s where I cut my teeth. And they say yes, I started drag in New York City, so called well as a southerner. But Bob the drag queen is a New Yorker like I started dragging in New York City.

So what got you into drag?

So I was watching Rivas drag race, and I won Want to do stand up comedy and I was like I just wanted, I really want to be able to do stand up. I’m like, I really love the idea of being able to do that. In that I thought to myself, I also want to do drag because I want to do both at the same time, I couldn’t pick and choose. So I said, I’m going to do both. So I did my first night and my first performance ever was at the New York comedy club on the east side of New York City. And it was after watching Season One of drag race, that’s all babies are, but now on TV. And I just I got so much inspiration from her. I remember seeing someone who has some of the qualities that I was told or my were my detriment. But then I saw someone on TV being celebrated for all the things that I thought made me bad. And I was like, if this person can be celebrated for all this stuff, then maybe I can do

well, you’re you do amazing baby was amazing. I remember season one. Now. You exude a confidence. You especially I’m like she’s in it your confidence levels were just off the track. Have you always been that confident?

Well, I’ve always been confident in the things that I can do. Like I’m not I’m not delusional. I know what I know what I’m not great. But the things that I’m good at, I know that I’m good at it. And I also I’m just lucky for me I grew up with a mom who just really believes in me and that can honestly having people like to be adults in your life believing you can change like you or your dragons. Do you watch all the seasons drag race?

Almost. But I haven’t seen yet

Did you watch a good season? This season? Yeah. So, Gators. jaida season but you did good. Having a supportive her mom? Isn’t it amazing how when a queer kid has supported their parents what they can go through what they can achieve how much love they have in their lives. Like it was remarkable to watch though confidence such a young age. I think she was 21 Look what Look what a supportive mom can do for a kid, you know?

Oh, yeah. Well, I mean, even I don’t think it matters, you know? Gay Straight queer. I don’t think it matters I just having that support. 

True is having supporting your of your parents having your parents believe in you. And for me, my mom had my mom believed that, you know, the sun weight rises when I wake up and it goes down when I go to sleep. That is that was enough for me to really, you know, feel myself. And it’s not unrealistic. Like my mom’s like, when I’m not greater than the shows when I’m grading something. She tells me she tells me often did this day. 

Very nice. Now did you always know that you were gay?

Um, all I knew I was queer. I identify as pansexual and gay for a pretty long time. And I remember being told I was gay before I knew I was like, I remember being told like that there’s something funny about the way I walk or the way I talk or the way I dress. Yeah,

so I in in the south was that hard? Like in the area where you grew up?

I’m not in my I’m not the first queer person. I’m not a queer Trailblazer. My family, there’s other queer people, my family. So luckily, I didn’t have to forge a path that wasn’t already, you know, trod so they thank God for that. And, um, there were a few moments in school and stuff. But um, I had a really great support system at home. Like my brother and my mom really never, never made me feel bad about being myself. My brother, my brother came with me to drag on a brother. My brother came to the finale with me because my mom kicked my mom can’t travel. My brother came to the finale and supported me you clap for me in the audience? Yeah, I remember seeing that. And we’re polar opposites. My brother’s really quiet. a straight guy. Very very quiet. Yeah,

well then I saw a comedy special that you did. And your mom was there? 


she’s just she’s so little. 

Well she’s not that little my mom’s like five eight she’s actually not that small. 

Maybe it was the heels that you had on? I’m just how you were those hills is beyond me anyways, like I can’t do it.

Well, I do it for sure. Like for like an hour at a time. That’s the Upstate people thinking where am I not wearing them all night I wear so I get off that take them off. But yeah, my mom is my mom’s not that. My mom’s like average heights like 5758 but I’m just I’m 62 and I’m usually wearing like five inch heels. So I’m like six inch seven.

Oh my god. five inch heels?

Sometimes more three to five Yeah, sometimes bigger but not always. The biggest are going like a seven

I can’t I can’t you just became my official hero for that. I’m lucky if I were a three inch 

What would it be fair I wear the seven is like a platform if I weren’t seven. It’s got like a three inch platform or four. So I’m not like I’m not like on my tiptoes. You know more like a nice platform Hill,

you’re still my hero. I’ll take it. I accept. Thank you. So what has been the best experience you have had doing this?

Honestly, one of my best experience was my first drag con. One of my, one of the days of the first record happened to be on Mother’s Day. And I love moms, I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for moms, and I let all the moms cut the line on Mother’s Day in my booth, or drag on on Mother’s Day, I let moms cut the line. And ever since then, I’ve had like this great like, like contingency of moms like that love and support me people parents really like that because because I’m confident and they want their kids to be confident. So I really think my boys I’m not particularly kid friendly, but a lot of moms specifically really love me and a lot of a lot of like, husbands boyfriends. Like think I’m funny.

Oh, my husband thinks you’re a laugh riot.  Yeah, a lot of people like you are one of my husband’s That is very true. Like, I started playing the song purse first. He’s like, I love that song.

Well, usually people’s husbands and boyfriends and brothers were strange to you that they either like me, or like one of the funny Queen like Trixie, they love like Valentina. Or like violet, because they’re, like, so stunning. So it’s always like, they used to love the funny queens like the really, you know,

yeah, he’s definitely drawn more towards the funny. Yeah, me to say, definitely do that. Now, what has been your worst experience doing this,

you know, I have probably had some odd experiences with here in there, I, when I first started the drag race, it is different than being a drag race, a drag queen and a local Queen, it’s not the same, the fanbase is different. It is it is much younger, they’re much more vocal about how they feel about you and all of your, like everything, not just like your performance, but like you as a person, they’re really comfortable saying they just don’t like you, as a person, they they find you annoying. And that was pretty tough in the beginning, and I was very much in the clapping back to like, defend myself or stand up for myself. But as I went a little bit longer, I realized that I didn’t need to do that, like that wasn’t really necessary. Or that I could, you know, set boundaries between me and two people in the fan base, because I was really shocked to realize that there is a, a real racism in the fan base. And that’s because drag race is a, you know, a microcosm of real world. So whatever is in the real world is gonna be on drag race to, you know,

right. So as far as drag in general, best and worse.

Um, I think probably the but I love I love the show, I love the rush of being on stage, hearing people laugh, and nothing will ever replace it. That’s, that’s one of my favorite things. I can’t wait to get back into the world safely and be able to like, see people like have them respond to my work live. And I think that maybe the worst, honestly, to take it to like a technical standpoint, like, I did a lot of things to my body. For the art for the sake of the art that people told me not to do, I didn’t want to listen, like peppermint told me take your heels off. As soon as you get off, they don’t put them on. So you go onstage, pick them up. As soon as you get on say I didn’t want to listen, I wanted to be up in the club, kick around on my heels. And then I like putting my feet up. And now my feet are like jet, my knees are bad. And it’s all stuff that I could have avoided if I would have listened to people who told me, you know, you might want to be fierce in the club and pumps, but you really want to be fearless, you know, for the rest of your life being able to walk around with good posture.

Okay, so throughout all of it throughout your entire drag career from day one. What is the best piece of advice you were ever given?

is actually a piece of ice that I thought of myself. No one gave this anybody something I say to everyone, whenever someone gives you advice, consider the source. That is what I’m selling. Like, if someone’s giving you advice, and you don’t want to look like them, don’t take their advice. If someone’s giving you advice, and they’re a mess, if someone is telling you how to handle your finances, and their finances are a mess, don’t take that advice. If someone’s telling you how to do your makeup, but you don’t like their makeup, don’t take that advice. If someone’s tell you how to be professional and you know they’re an unprofessional dusty mess. Do not take that advice. But also you look it as if it’s someone that you look up to in that regard, then listen to it. Even if it feels like you don’t want to do it. Listen to what that person is saying. It I mean, it’s so it’s so many people to be like, I want I want to figure out on my own but if it’s someone you admire who’s doing something you like, then just take the advice like someone’s done it. We’re not doing new stuff. You don’t mean we’re doing it takes on stuff but someone’s Someone’s done it you don’t have to learn through by trial a fire.

I love that. I absolutely love that.

And it really humbles you to take advice, it really humbles you to listen to people and listen to what they say. And it’s hard, but it is very humbling and in the long run is really beneficial.

So who has been your biggest influence?

I’m gonna give it a combination of peppermint Sherry vine and Bianca Del Rio, those three have really, I used to go to their shows, sit in the front row and just be mesmerized. By the way they can control a room, the way everyone loved them, the way they can make people laugh. I learned how to be professional from Sherry, how to be how to how to be energetic and commander room from peppermint. And how to lead a killer punch line from Bianca. Yeah.

I’ve seen Sherry Vine and Bianca on TV. So yeah, that makes sense. Yeah, they’re both really good at that. 

And it’s from just years of me like being mesmerized by their, by their gifts. Share by the first Red Queen ever tip. 20 bucks.

I like tips.

I mean, people. Right? Let’s see y’all. We are here for the jokes. 

Exactly. So what piece of advice do you have for somebody who’s coming up?

Um, I think that it’s okay to you know, learn from others, but also forge your own path. You know, you don’t wanna be you don’t wanna be a carbon copy of anyone. But also, if you’re trying too hard to be unique, is forced. Like if you’re trying with every fiber of beat to do everything new and make everything different than you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Just do what you want to do. Like I remember years ago, many I’m used to traveling in the Navy, like doing Beyonce song, and Kim cheese make fun of her for because like we used to Beyonce. And I was like, Naomi, if doing Beyonce numbers makes you happy. Do your Beyonce numbers boo. Don’t feel bad about it. Go do your Beyonce.

I love that. I love that. So what has been your biggest fan moment? Like we totally geeked out fan moment.

Oh, I think it was honestly multiple interactions I’ve had with Whoopi Goldberg. So the first time I saw would be Goldberg I was at the Rock of Ages on Broadway. And she was sitting like five sixteenths away from me and I could not believe I saw Whoopi Goldberg was oh my god. Had to I’m obsessed.

Oh, nice.

Like I love Whoopi Goldberg. So I ran up to her after intermission, and I ran and tried to hug her without permission and a very large security guard stopped me dead in my tracks. rightfully so, by the way. And then years later, I ended up actually spinning Whoopi Goldberg birthday with her in Las Vegas. I got invited personally to go be with Whoopi Goldberg had her birthday.

Oh, wow. 

Yeah, it was wild. That Yeah, that would sound for me. I love what I am obsessed. I really love with every fiber of my being. So what was your worst fan moment? Like me with someone else or someone fending for me? You fanning for somebody else. You know, I gotta be honest, I’ve never had most embarrassing because I’ve never had that like, don’t meet your idols moment, like everyone I’ve met has been really nice. To be honest. I was pretty embarrassed when I tried to hook up without her permission. That was actually that was pretty. That was pretty embarrassing. Um, and I got it to be honest. I mean, there’s a couple of times in in where I would go to like give her my number they wouldn’t call me or text me.

I think we all have those moments. Yeah.

I’m gonna shoot myself and give Meryl Streep my number nine Meryl Streep. One time I gave I gave out shirts everyone in the cast have a rough night it was a Scarlett Johansen um Kate McKinnon I’m Litton Zoe Kravitz and Alanna glacier and I like here’s your my my Bob the drag queen. I just want you to like like me, came along. They’re all nice about a vacation a lot of a lot of work on on a on a commercial for for bra city and Kate McKinnon was just so sweet and really just amazing to me.

Nice. Well, I have one final question for you. I asked this question of every single guest that I have on my show. This is now your turn. Right What is the one thing that You love the most about yourself?

I love that I bring joy to people’s lives when people say to me that like I make them smile. People tell me they’re having rough days and they turn on my YouTube videos or go to my special or we watch on drag race or watch. We’re here. I love that I’m able to bring joy to people’s lives. My sense of humor is my greatest gift. And I’m really grateful for it. Like I’m glad that I’ve been able to filter all of my life’s experiences through humor.

Nice Yeah. Well, I am I’m still in awe that you came on my show. I’m grateful. I this is a dream come true for me. This is my fan moment. Oh, I’m so trying not to ugly cry. It’s not even funny. I guarantee you what I’ve done I will be crying. I love my fan moment. So thank you for making my fan moment happen.

I was my pleasure. Thank you for having me. This Fat Girl Life Blog you are watching right now please repost. Share this so people can see it into can relate all the amazing work that you’re doing over here and share This Fat Girl Life Blog got to support our our content creators are here. These people are making content for you at home, bringing you stunning talent.

Thank you so much. You guys, make sure to subscribe. And I will see you all next week. Bye, everybody.

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