FAT Is Just A Word, Or Is It?

I have been called FAT all my life. Even as a little girl…I was always bigger then every other girl in my class. As a small child, it never really bothered me. I guess maybe that’s because I never saw the cruelty in the word.

As an adult, I see things differently. I am lucky. I am in a place where I could really care less what others think of how I look. But not every woman is in that place in life. Hell, it wasn’t until about 5 years ago that I was in that place. Up to that point, that word killed me inside. But why? I mean, it’s just a word…right?

A Word With Power…

Whether we want to admit it or not, words have power. The more we hear different things, the more our subconscious believes those words to be truth. That being said, it is our choice what words we allow to have the power.

You see, there are a couple of options. Words, such as FAT can be given a negative connotation…which is usually what the speaker of the word means. Knowing this you can let the word affect you negatively and bring you down. Or you can train you mind to think of the word FAT as being a positive. And example of this is in the music video and song by Trisha Paytas “Fat Chicks”. FAT=fabulous and tasty.

Words Describe…They Don’t Define

One thing that I have always tried to remind myself is what words actually do. Word are used to describe things. When someone says that I am FAT, they are speaking of the way that my body looks. Yes, my body is fat. But, I choose to let it be where that ends. You don’t have to let that word, or any other word is describe you define who you actually are.

I’m going to elaborate on this using myself as the example. I commented in the previous paragraph that yes, I have a fat body type. But I am so much more than my body type. I am educated, compassionate, a wife, mother, and grandmother. I don’t let the word define who I am…it just describes what I look like.

So What Will You Let Words Do?

Now it’s your turn. You can choose to let words have power over you. Or you can choose to take the power. As I spoke about in a previous post, you can Glitter Bitch. I would love to know where your struggle is, and how I can help. Feel free to comment here or go to my Facebook page and send me a message.

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