New Year New Me?

As we enter this new year, we all ponder the “New Year New Me” theory. We make all kinds of resolutions of changes we want to make in our lives. But my question is why…why do we do it? I decided to take on the challenge of actually making a few resolutions this year. This is a new thing for me…because I have always felt that resolutions were nothing more than lies we tell ourselves. So I guess I will find out for myself.

New Me #1

My first resolution was definitely set as a year long goal. Every year I tell myself at Christmas that I will get a jump on present buying for the next year…and every year I wait until the last minute to do anything. So…I decided that starting this year I would be purchasing a couple of gifts each month. I will label them and put them in totes in my bedroom. This way I have a stash of gifts for Christmas, birthdays, and everything else. The same thing goes for stocking stuffers.

Amazon packages
multiple Amazon packages on the front porch

Today I actually started this. I was perusing Amazon just for the hell of it…and I came across some items that I thought would be perfect for some of my loved ones. So what did I do…I purchased my first Christmas gifts today. Look at me go…getting a jump on things already.

New Me #2

Smoking…I know it’s not a great habit. But I have been a smoker since I was 18 year old…I will be turning 45 this month. That’s quite a long time. Well, no more. That’s the goal at least.

I have purchased the smoking cessation products…you know, the patch and the gum. I am purchasing gum and straws tomorrow…something to keep in my mouth in place of a cigarette. And in the day after it’s going down. God help me.

smashing cigarettes
smashing cigarettes

I am not only doing this one for me…but for those that I love as well. I want my grandson to have me around for as long as possible. It does help that I am not doing this one alone…my husband is quitting with me. So I will have support…and that helps.

New Me #3

I have spent years working for others and make them money. I want that to end. Last year I started taking steps to make this happen. I took advantage of there being a lack of things to do (thank you COVID) and went to school online. Not only did I get my Life Coach certification, but I have been taking a business/entrepreneur class. I have officially started my own business.

This blog was just the first step. I am creating Intro to Coaching course on Facebook and am in the process of putting together the format for my paid courses as well. In February 2021 I am hoping to launch my podcast.

New Year In Full Swing

As you can see…I have already started taking steps to make 2021 a positive experience for me and mine. What about you? Did you make any resolutions for 2021…and if you did how are they going for you so far? How can I help you be successful?

If you would like help to set you resolutions, or need help making a game plan to keep those resolutions…reach out to me. I am happy to set up a session with you and see if we are a good fit for each other.

I wish all of you a very happy and healthy 2021. Seriously…if has to be better than 2020 was for us…right?

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