This Fat Girl At The Doctor

Going to the doctor and being a fat girl is usually not a good combination. When you are overweight, the last thing you want is to talk to someone that is going to point that out to you. But I didn’t have a choice in the matter. In my previous piece, I talked about finding a lump in my breast. So, I HAD to go to the doctor to make sure of what was going on with me…and I was scared.

This Fat Girl Got A Mammogram

Mammograms. This is a work that invokes so much fear in women. Forever, I was told that getting a mammogram meant getting my breast smashed like a pancake. And with that…all I could ever think was “Ouch!” Who really wants to go through that? Not this girl. But I didn’t have a choice.

the mammogram equipment
The mammogram

I was so very thankful for the technician that did my mammogram. She took her time and treated me like a person. If she did look at me as a fat woman, I never knew it. She was personable and put me at ease. Honestly, by the end of it, we were cracking jokes with each other. So, thank you Penrad Imaging for hiring such an amazing staff!

This Fat Girl Got An Ultrasound

The ultrasound was definitely less invasive for me, but at that same was much more nerve-wracking. The lump was in my right breast, and they were much more focused on the left. Then they started measuring…I thought that I was going to throw up. What were they measuring and why? I kept looking back and forth between the look on my husband’s face to the look on the tech’s face to the ultrasound screen. Then I saw a black blob and I almost fainted. I know for a fact that all the color drained from my face in that very moment.

ultrasound medical equipment
The Ultrasound

When the tech walked out of the room, I cried. My head went immediately to “I have cancer” and I wanted to crawl in a hole. There was a small part of me that wanted to die, and I thought I might. Thank God my husband was there with me, because he gave me the strength to remember that if this is cancer, that I will survive it.

This Fat Girl Got Some Answers

Finally, after what seemed like hours even thought it was only a few moment, the tech came back into the room. She told us that the lump that I had found in my right breast was nothing at all to be concerned with…that it was just fatty tissue and that is a perfectly normal thing. They did find some abnormalities in my left breast, but at this point they do think that they are cysts. She told me that during menopause, which I am in, cysts in the breasts are a perfectly normal thing and will normally dissolve on their own after menopause. Now, because I had never had a mammogram before there was nothing to compare it to, so I do have to go back for a follow up in 6 months…but I’m not nearly as scared now because I know what to expect.

Help A Girl Out…

I want to encourage all women to pay attention to your breasts. Do the self breast exams. Get the mammograms. If you feel something is a little off…get it checked. Your health is not something to be played with.

What is your biggest fear with it comes to your health and receiving medical care? Have you had an experience that had changed your perspective about receiving medical care?

9 Thoughts on “This Fat Girl At The Doctor

  1. I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes last year. I have PCOS and ignored it for 10 years because I didn’t want to go to the doctor. Last year I new I needed to start taking better care of my self so I found a new doctor and then got the diagnosis. I’ve been work really hard for 6 months and at my 6 month check, the Dr said I am just barely still pre-diabetic and my obesity level has gone down a level. Finding a supportive doctor made a HUGE difference. Other doctors just tell me if I lost weight , I’d be better. My new doctor helped me figure out what is going on and helped me come up with a plan. I’ve lost 20 pounds, my blood sugars are getting better and I feel great.

      1. While I am not sure if you are asking me that question or not…I will give my doctors information. I see Dr. Astor at Dublin Primary Care. She is very supportive and understanding.

  2. Wow. Your story resonated with me so much. Thank you for sharing. I went through this exact same thing in 2013. But, unfortunately, mine was cancer. I am fighting with every ounce of my being, and am winning so far. 6 years cancer free. Cancer, or even a cancer scare like yours, changes you in ways that only those who have experienced it can understand. I am sorry you went through that, but I am beyond thrilled that it was benign. Yeah!

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