Aging…Hate It or Appreciate It?

Aging. It happens to all of us and we can’t avoid it. I am coming up on a birthday…my 44th to be exact. Every morning wake up and I have bones popping. It also happens when I stand up. I swear, I sound like a bowl of Rice Krispies sometimes. But these are some of the glorious things that come with age.

Birthday cake

Getting Older

Getting older happens to us all. It’s inevitable. We can’t avoid it. Every year we age…in fact we age every second. As a woman, I am noticing more wrinkles and grey hairs. I am feeling more aches and pains.

When I was younger, I could stay up until 3 or 4 in the morning, and still get up the next day at 6am like I had slept all night. Not any more. If I am not in bed by 9pm, I can’t hardly function the next day.

As we age, our bodies need different things. We need to take a hard look at the vitamins/supplements that we take. This is the time to start talking to our doctors about a few things as well, such as mammograms and menopause.

Getting Wiser

They say that with age comes wisdom. This is both true and false. Yes, as we get older we learn as we go. But just because you know something doesn’t necessarily make you wiser. It’s all a matter of what you do with that knowledge. Are you using it to make yourself or someone else better? Or are you just sitting there, twiddling your thumbs? If you aren’t putting your knowledge to use in some way, shape, or form…then what good is it doing you?

Picture of Kimberlee with grey hair
So much grey😪

Aging Gracefully

Now…this is where I am going to call bullshit. I personally don’t see aging as a graceful process. What is graceful about every joint popping every time you stand, or the hair on the top of your head turning grey while the rest is colored? I’ll be honest…I tried to let my hair go naturally grey…that lasted for all of about 6 months. Then I broke down and colored it again. I know, I know…I’m weak. But…I tip my hat to the ladies that go grey and look great doing it…you are the real MVP. I just don’t think I looked that good trying to do it, and emotionally I was not ready for it.

Join In My Conversation…

Let me know what you think? Are you enjoying getting older, or are you struggling with aging? What has been the best part of getting older? What about the hardest?

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