Month: November 2019

Living Life Fat

Living a Life of Gratitude

Gratitude is defined as “…the state of being grateful…”. I always see the posts on Facebook about what a person is grateful each day. I’ll admit it, I’m even doing a quick daily video about it. It happens every year in November. But, why do we only think about this in November. I know, I…
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Life Without My Mother

My mom was one of my absolute biggest cheerleaders. She was always there for me. She prayed for me daily. She taught me so much. So, when my mother passed away on September 10, 2016, my life was forever changed. The Call… I remember my phone ringing in the middle of the night. It was…
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picture of Kimberlee on her 1st day out of rehab

Moving Past Your Guilt

So….recently I have been in the situation of someone close to me using my past against me. Let me explain. I have quite the colorful past. I have been in and out of jail, I was a drug addict for 8 years, I gave my child to my family to raise because I couldn’t be…
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