A Happier You-Time To Goal Up

When we are working on improving ourselves, goals are so very important. What do we want for our future? What steps are we going to have to take to get to where we want to be? Here are a few tips to setting your goals and making them happen.

Pick Your Goals

When you are thinking about your future, what do you see? Do you want to go to school? Do you want to lose weight? Or maybe you want to change careers or relationships. There are so many things that can happen, and everything can be achievable if you are willing to work for it. Start by writing your goals down on paper. This makes them visible to you.

What Steps Do You Need To Take?

This is when things get a little discouraging. Take each of those goals and place them separately. This can be on a separate piece of paper, on index cards, whatever works for you. Think about the steps needed for each of your goals. For example, let’s say that you are wanting to go to college. You need to research the school or schools that you are considering, write your admissions essay, and then submit your application. Now, notice that I did not mention deciding on a major. You have time for this step, and quite honestly this should most likely be a different goal.

Share Your Goals

This is where you build your support system. Sharing your goals with others makes you then accountable. Start by sharing one goal with friends and family. Share it on social media if you are wanting to. By putting your goal out there for the world to see, others become invested in your goal as well. You will find that you have cheerleaders in your corner…and honestly that makes all the difference.

A good example of this is a friend of mine that recently quit smoking. She was able to download an app on her phone that tracked her progress. And because she shared on Facebook what she was attempting, she would post screenshots sharing her progress. She was being accountable, and still is over a year later.

Celebrate Your Wins

No matter how big or small, celebrate each goal. It could be something as small as posting on social media, buying your self a small gift, or even taking yourself out to dinner. Anything to acknowledge the fact that you succeeded.

Learn From Your Failures

Along the way, you will hit bumps in the road. You may not hit your goals the first time out, and that’s ok. When you hit those bumps, take a step back. Look at the steps you took and what the results were. By examining the steps taken, you have the ability to go back and change things…to try again. Whatever you do though, you cannot give up.

Final Thoughts…

What steps are you taking to reach your goals? Are you hitting bumps in the road? What about celebrating the wins? What advise do you have for others? Join in the conversation and let me know what you think…

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