Month: July 2019

Living Life Fat

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone…

So….if I could I would live in capris, tank tops, and flip flops. I’m comfy in those. I never go out in public without a bra. It’s just who I am. I stay in my comfort zone. The comfort zone can be a good place…it’s safe.  But, when you stay in your comfort zone for…
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Don’t Let Your Past Define Your Future

So I recently did one of my Daily Dose videos on this very subject. Letting our past control our present and future. Why do we do this? A little bit about me…I spent 8 years as a drug addict. During that time, my life was a hot mess. I had to put my child in…
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Purging The Toxins

We all have them.  Those people that no matter what happens it’s never enough.  The ones that drag us down…and make us feel like we don’t deserve anything good.  It may be a friend, a partner, or even a family member. Toxic people are real, and we are all affected by them. The Urban Dictionary…
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