Okay ladies… So I’ve been there. You want to feel sexy in the bedroom but you just don’t. So how do you move on from that? That’s really not a place where you can fake it till you make it.

 Do Your Research 

When you are big …not all positions work the same.   So…change it up…find what works for you. Personally….I struggle with being on top.  I’m afraid I don’t look good and I worry about hurting my partner. Now…do I do it anyways? Sometimes…because my husband absolutely loves it.  But I struggle to reach an orgasim in that position because my mind is constantly thinking about my fears. So we also work with positions that we know will work.  We have also bought some toys to enhance things. One of the best purchases we made was a lumbar pillow from Amazon. It lifts my hips to just the right position where my husband can get maximum penetration…and boy oh boy does it work!

Buy The Sexy Stuff

Lingerie shopping is not fun when you are big.  You feel awkward going into the stores …wondering if everyone is looking at you.  At least that’s how I feel sometimes. And ordering online…OMG. That’s a hot mess.  The sizing conversions are so hard to work with. You never know what size you are actually going to get.  I did find one store, however, that I was able to walk into and find a piece in my size and the staff made me feel amazing about it.  Girls…check out Fascinations. Their sizing is true to size.

image of a female stating "One of the best things in the world is a big girl that knows she's sexy"

Do The Prep Work…

Shave, shave, shave.  Take care of the legs, underarms, and even get the kitty if that’s what you and/or your partner likes.  Do the hair and makeup. Doll it up. I’m telling you…its with the prep work. Your partner will appreciate it.  Also …set the mood. I don’t care if its candles or music or whatever. The mood will set the expectation. 

So girl…get that orgasim…or go for a few.  Because you deserve it just as much as the next one!

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