Glitter Bitch–Owning Your Inner Sparkle

So…I have been big the majority of my life.  One of the biggest things that I have struggled with in my life is being happy with who I am.  Loving myself. But Ru Paul says it best…how can I love someone else when I can’t love myself. And the more I have thought about it…this isn’t just a big girl problem.  This is a problem that every woman has.  

image of a t-shirt stating "Your worth has nothing to do with your weight"

I have personally struggled with self-love since I was a child.  1And there were many contributing factors that went into that, including sexual abuse at the hands of my stepfather when I was 8 years old.  To say the least, that definitely formed some opinions in my mind about my worth, or lack thereof.

Now as an adult, I have taken steps to change this thinking.  I have done the therapy and all that. And while I think it did probably make  some impact, that wasn’t the thing that changed my thinking. Because after the therapy, I still married 2 men that treated me like a doormat, that verbally abused me, and physically abused me.  It wasn’t until I decided that I wanted better that I realized that I needed to be better.

Girls…..let me tell you…I made a list.  I literally wrote on paper everything I wanted in a man.

..and everything I didn’t want.  I prayed over that list. I had a friend perform rituals over that list.  But I also worked on what I was bringing to the table. I worked on my communication…on my anger issues.  I looked at where I felt I was lacking. Now am I there 100%…oh hell no! But I’m working on it.

We will constantly be a work in progress.  None of us have “arrived”…and if someone says that they have…know that bitch is lying! I have found that as I work on different areas of my life, I am happier…and so is my husband.

So get your glitter on ladies …and spread that glitter to others.   Because we all need to sparkle!

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