Month: June 2019

Living Life Fat

Swimsuits…The Scariest Article of Clothing You Will Ever Purchase

It’s summer….it’s hot.  All you want to cool off in the pool.  Do you brave the looks? Do you just wear shorts and a t-shirt so you aren’t exposed?  Or do you just suffer the heat and stay home? We have all been there…. Buying a swimsuit is scary…no doubt about it.  How exposed do…
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Sex & Ohs….

Okay ladies… So I’ve been there. You want to feel sexy in the bedroom but you just don’t. So how do you move on from that? That’s really not a place where you can fake it till you make it.  Do Your Research  When you are big …not all positions work the same.   So…change…
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Glitter Bitch–Owning Your Inner Sparkle

So…I have been big the majority of my life.  One of the biggest things that I have struggled with in my life is being happy with who I am.  Loving myself. But Ru Paul says it best…how can I love someone else when I can’t love myself. And the more I have thought about it…this…
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